cniehaus (cniehaus) wrote,

Wifi-Map of my school

In my school we are currently rearranging many things including our Wifi-network. We have many (30 or so) Accesspoints all over the school. We want to know two things about our network:

  • So far the accesspoints are were we _think_ they should be. But for obvious reasons (like we don't know how think some walls are, if certain fire resistant doors absorb wifi-signals or not...) we have no clue if our distribution is good or not. So we want a "signal strength map" of our school.

  • Second, we want a map on which we can see if a certain accesspoint is in reach of another accesspoint. This is of course a sub-project of the first point.

As we are a school we don't want (or can) spend money here. The best tool so far seems WireShark, NetStumbler is Windows-only, but seems even better. Kismet is also such a tool but its GUI looks like I need a year to learn how to use it.

Do you have other suggestions?

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