cniehaus (cniehaus) wrote,

New Python app: Python really rocks :) (I still don't know where to hosts those apps)

Just like earlier I needed an application. This time I needed something that simulates the relations between predator and prey (see here). My students will use a simple simulation with dices so see those relations. The problem is that it takes ages to roll 400 times (that is what you need to get good statistics). So they only roll the dices for about 50-70 times, discuss the trends they see.

The next step will be my simulation based on the same rules. 77 python lines later that app is done :-) "All" I need is a nice PyQt4 interface for it, right now it is a pure shell application. But it already exports to CSV (just three lines :). In OOCalc this loooks like this:

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Quite nice and the code is really simple. Python rocks.

PS: No clue where to host this, I don't want such a tiny tool on Perhaps I should bundle all my biology simulation tools in one application (KSmallBiologyTools like (and no, I will not use that name)) and host _that_ application somewhere.
Tags: pyqt4

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