cniehaus (cniehaus) wrote,

Third video of Step

This video shows some of the exiting new features of Step. These features have been added as part of this years Google Summer of Code by Vladimir, the author of Step.
As you can see, this example simulates several "particles", in this case "watermolecules" in a drop of water in space (no g-force).

Each particle has certain properties such as a velocity, mass and force. These properties can be looked up in the QDockWidget on the right.

At the beginning of the simulation all particles have no velocity at all. I will now start the simulation. Lets see how the different forces effect the particles. I will stop the simulation after about two seconds.

As you could see: the particles moved. Everything is calculated in realtime based on the law of physics. The velocity is now indicated with a blue arrow, the red arrow represents the acceleration.

Thank you for your attention. Please post comments to this video or this blog.


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