June 28th, 2009

Taken in Portugal

[LazyWeb] DualHead: Hardware suggestion


I just got a second LCD for free. Of course I'd like to use it ;-) Currently, my computer has an old ATI card which doesn't support a second LCD-Panel (it is an ATI RV350 AR Radeon 9600).

I just noticed that I have 0% knowledge about graphics adapters... And I don't care about them, to be honest. All I want is KDE on two LCDs and be able to move windows between the two panels ;-)

I never ever play games on that machine and only do EMail, Firefox and OpenOffice on it. That means 3D performance is completely unimportant, I am sure the slowest chip is more than fast enough. As I am using the machine a lot passive cooling would be really nice. 3D effects in KDE would be nice, of course.

Question: Which graphics card would you buy if you were me?

  • Works on Linux (I am using Chakra (Arch Linux))

  • Dualhead is easy to configure (that means documented and I don't need to compile my own X.org or kernel and such)

  • Inexpensive

  • Silent

Thanks you for your suggestions.